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Introducing Elle Dawson and April


Elle and April began their journey together a year ago. April being 4 years old and just broken, had a lot to learn.  Elle and April are focusing on flatwork, following "back to Basics' mantra...

April's favourite treat is Crunchits...   a great low sugar treat!

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Team Park


Team Park! Lol. There is myself, Kirst, a married mummy to 3 princesses (Megan, Elizabeth and Callie) and a handsome prince (Michael) as a step-son. My husband, Andy, is a vet. We have two dogs, a cat and of course the star of the show is Kerris, our 16.2hh Flea-bitten grey ID mare. She’s an old lady at 25 Yrs but going strong! 😄 We are so happy to be ambassadors ♥️

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